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2 Way Radio | Two Way Radio | Walkie Talkie is one of the UK’s largest supplier of Two Way Radio equipment, We have over 10 years of experience in the industry and already provide equipment for small, medium and large businesses. We’re happy to take any questions or queries, so get in contact today, contact us here if you would like advice from the experts.

Two Way Radios or Walkie talkies are the most cost effective form of communications next to talking face-to-face. The 2 way radio is able to both Receive and Transmit allowing the operator to have a conversation with other radios on the same frequency or channel. Using Half Duplex Technology a PTT (Press-to-talk) button is used to transmit messages and when this isn’t pressed the devices are ready to receive messages.

Relaying a message to a large number of people or sending a simple message over a large distance has always been the strength of the Walkie Talkie Radio, and they are perfect for factories, offices, theme parks, festivals and much more.

We have an extensive range of radios on our site, and they all do different jobs. If you are looking for a basic 2 way communication then the Motorola DP1400 analogue version is perfect. This basic version radio can be used for point-to-point communication and can later be upgraded to be used on digital communication systems, much like the DP1400 Digital version.

Our Handpicked range of Hytera and Icom radios are perfect for all types of business, the PD405 is as good as the DP1400 and the PD785 is a very good radio for any industry. The Icom Radios we have selected are perfect for the Marine indusrty.

The Motorola DP2600 and DP4800 have a LCD screen that can show caller ID, much like a phone, but also battery level and Signal Level. Integrating Voice and Data is easy and these radios are perfect for management and supervisor level, allowing them to manage communications during their busy day.

If you work in sensitive or explosive environments, the Atex range of radios are intrinsically safe, visibly blue for distinction between other radios and designed to meet European and International Directives. These can be used in any explosive or sensitive area.