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  • From the factory worker making components to the road crew making repairs, MOTOTRBO can transform your enterprise and make employee interactions smarter and safer. Our best-in-class audio and unrivaled data capabilities empower people like never before.Number Available: 36

    £ 334.49 £ 210.00 is one of the UK’s largest supplier of Two Way Radio equipment, We have over 10 years of experience in the industry and are ready to provide equipment for small, medium and large businesses.

Two Way Radio is one of the most cost effective forms of communications for a Business, with no on-going Monthly costs, as with other devices and technology, you can be saving your business £££ every year. The equipment is ready to use out of the box, custom programmed by us for your business needs.

The technology is simple, but unbelievably effective, with a simple button on the side of the Radio (PTT Button) users can talk to anyone on the same channel/frequency within a 5 mile radius. They are able to relay a message to a large number of people and do this without having to wait for the others to ready themselves for the call, meaning your workforce is always Alert. The strength of the Walkie Talkie Radio has always been that they can be used practically anywhere, factories, offices, theme parks, Events, festivals and much, much more.

We have an extensive range of radios on our site, and they all do different jobs. If you are looking for a basic 2 way communication then the Motorola DP1400 analogue or the Hytera PD405 is perfect. These basic version radios can be used for point-to-point communication and later be upgraded to be used on digital communication systems.

Our More Advanced Radios, the Hytera PD700 Series and the Motorola DP4000 series have specific skills for more complex communication systems. We have hand-picked a range of Hytera and Icom radios for the site, the latest technology is what we are about so if you like to know more about these, please contact us and we are happy to tailor the best communications for your business needs.

If you work in sensitive or explosive environments, the Atex range of radios are intrinsically safe, visibly blue for distinction between other radios and designed to meet European and International Directives. These can be used in any explosive or sensitive area.

We not only do radios, but we also supply replacement batteries, radio earpieces and chargers. If your old radio system could do with a spuce up, it might not be as expensive as you think, We’re happy to take any questions or queries, so get in contact today, contact us and we’ll answer any of your questions.