5 Important Safety Features of a Two Way Radio

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Many Two way radios these days are better communication devices than our smartphones, they may not have a sexy touch screen, but you can drop them from a two storey building and still communicate on them. Whilst a lot of people use the two way radio just to communicate with others, there are many safety features that are included inside the radio that could help and indeed save lives.

Man Down - 

A sensor in the Radio can sound an alarm to others when the radio tilts beyond a specific Vertical or Horizontal angle for a certain period of time.

Lone Worker -

Excessive or lack of motion (Lone Worker) this feature has a clock and requires the user to check in within a specific time frame. If the user does not check in, an alert goes out.

Centralized safety -

An alarm is triggered if the operator doesn't actively respond to a text message, this can be set-up for any time period.

Panic Button -

Radios have a built-in “panic button” the user can push to notify people silently if something is amiss. This button is usually Orange or Red.

Intrinsically safe -

In extreme environments such as refineries and chemical plants, sparks from electronic devices can trigger explosions. Intrinsically safe radios are sealed tight to prevent this.


These safety features are either included in the radio like the panic button, centralised safety and Lone Worker and just need to be programmed others are enhanced versions of radios already in the range, for example the Intrinsically Safe Radios are a range in their own. They are based on current radios but are manufactured to very stringent requirements and high manufacturing standards to reduce or eliminate any risk of generating the tiniest spark as well as reducing heat produced from the device. The Man Down Option is an additional board for the radio that will detect if the radio is tilted between 30 to 60 degrees for a period of time; detecting that the user has perhaps fallen unconscious or is injured. It will then activate the Emergency call and the user is warned with an audible tone before the alarm is sent. 

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