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Why is Safety Important

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The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have released their 2015/2016 official Workplace Safety figures, so we have taken these statistics and created an infographic.

Safety is important and in 2015/2016 there were 144 fatalities at work and an estimated 600 thousand injuries. This costs 4.8 million pounds a year with 4.5 million working days lost. Recently there has been a downtrend in fatal injuries at work but in the last 2 years this has increased.

The Government took 696 companies to court and had a conviction rate of 95% and fines of £38.3 million, an increase of 52.8% (£18.8 million) from 2014/2015. Among all the businesses that were surveyed 92% undertook regular Health and Safety Risk Assessments.

We hope you enjoy this Infographic.

Why is Safety Important

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