Hytera PD665

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The PD665 is a very capable two way radio, popular within a lot of industries and perfect for most.

Frequency Band
Single Charger

The PD665 is a very capable two way radio, popular within a lot of industries and perfect for most. With up to 1024 channels, there’s far more than you will ever need, excellent for breaking up conversations of your team into smaller sets or grouping into communication packs.Optional programming can include Voice interruption, breaking into any conversation for an announcement tor Emergency.

It doesn’t matter how dirty, dusty or damp your environment is the PD665 has a Ingress Protection rating of 67 (IP67). This means that it can be immersed in water of a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes and is protected from contact with harmful dust.

Along with this it is tested against military MIL-STD-810 C/DE/F/G Standards, that tests low pressure for altitude testing; exposure to high and low temperatures plus temperature shock (both operating and in storage); rain (including wind blown and freezing rain); humidity, fungus, salt fog for rust testing; sand and dust exposure; explosive atmosphere; leakage; acceleration; shock and transport shock; gunfire vibration; and random vibration.

The PD665 has a Colour LED screen for channel notifications and to choose which channel to be on, and a keypad for text messaging other radios, communicating quickly and easily.

The standard battery supplied will offer up to 14 hours of life, excellent for long shifts.


All Hytera two way radios carry a 24 month return to base (RTB) warranty. Hytera will guarantee you a working radio by offering a repair for a period of two years from the purchase invoice date. The warranty only covers the radio itself and does not cover the battery, antenna or any other consumables or accessories.


  • Dimensions 122 x 55 x 27mm
  • Weight 310g (with1500mAh battery)
  • MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards
  • Supports GPS & man-down (PD665G only)
  • IP67 Compliance
  • Pseudo Trunk (DMO & RMO)
  • True 2-Slot in DMO
  • Basic/advanced digital encryption and Scrambler feature in analogue mode
  • Supports multiple analogue signalling modes (HDC1200, 2-Tone and 5-Tone)
  • DMRA Data Service
  • One Touch Call/Text
  • Radio enable/disable (only decode), remote monitor (only decode), and Priority Interrupt
  • Dual Mode (Analogue & Digital)
  • Expanded frequency range of 400-527MHz.

Data sheet

No. of Channels
Battery Life
Analog: 11 Hours / Digital: 16 Hours
Emergency Button
Programmable Buttons
Ingress Protection (IP)
Analogue & Digital Compatible