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  • Construction Industry

    These are our Recommended radios for the Construction industry, We have had picked these because they are all Digital and are robust enough to work well on a construction/building site. If you are struggling with your communications on site, then these are the perfect answer.

    If you have any questions please contact us on 0845 838 7109

  • Security Industry

    Communication is key to any security company, Two way radios are essential at events, within retail security and on patrol. We have on this page the most popular 2 way radios used in the security industry. 

  • Hotel Industry

    Hotels of all sizes require excellent communication to work efficiently, from the kitchen to housekeeping and managment to security having walkie talkies that stand up to the job are essential. Here you will find the radios we recommend to be used in small, medium and large hotels.

  • Business Industry

    In all types of Business communication is key, and the equipment you use is as important. So we have on this page recommendations for the best 2 Way Radios for Business. 

  • Events Industry

    The events industry rely on walkie talkies not only during the event but before and after. That is why our recomended Two Way Radios on this page are perfect for the Events industry

  • Catering Industry

    In all types of catering communication is vitally important. Two way radios are perfect for all types of catering businesses, from restaurants to outside catering 

  • Marine Industry

    Anything from Boats to diving, these radios have an IP67 rating or above and are perfect if you are using these near any large body of water.

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