Motorola T60

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The fully featured, tough and stylish T61 radio is ideal for staying connected during outdoor activities. Enjoy them at a campsite, theme park or on a hike with an up to 8km range, multiple call tones, rechargeable batteries and optional headset connection.

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The Motorola T60 comes in a twin pack with an optional earpiece. Black in colour with an LCD Backlit display for changing the 8 channels, volume and checking the battery level. They work on the 446 Band with a range of 8km, depending on the area and how built up it is.

With an option of 8 channels to choose from and weighing just 103g it is lightweight and durable for any business. The battery is removable and a full charge should last you 10-12 hours.

There are many extended options on the radio including Talk Confirmation Tone, Keypad Tones, Room Monitor, Auto Power Off, and an earpiece connector.

Package Includes

  • Twin Pack of T61 Black Radios
  • Belt Clips x2
  • Mains Adaptor Plug & Twin Charger Pod
  • Rechargeable Battery x2
  • 12 Months Warranty

Data sheet

No. of Channels
Battery Life
16 hours
Analogue Only